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Based in South West England catering for people of all ages with specific learning difficulties (Dyslexia)
 Our aim is to help people with dyslexia to tackle challenges, understand their barriers and potential, through assessment and individualised support. 
We run workshops and seminars for schools and businesses putting Dyslexia and its wider implications into perspective
  1.  Ben Dowell - Deputy Head at Combe Pafford School
     Ben Dowell - Deputy Head at Combe Pafford School
    The Inset event A.L.S. provided for everyone: the importance of reading, the skills needed to read and practical strategies to support children were clearly given along with real life examples, which we will now prioritise for our children. Ana has an engaging and charming delivery style which was enjoyed by all and I highly recommend anyone to seek her advice!"
  2. D. Smith - Firefighter
    D. Smith - Firefighter
    "From the help of Ana I have now managed to pass my written assessments, and can now enjoy my Career in the Devon Somerset Fire and Rescue Service..."
  3. J. Mills - Aboriculturalist
    J. Mills - Aboriculturalist
    "...The tests and the coaching I received from Ana was amazing... I am now changing my working practices to allow more time for to write reports and emails. The additional time during my professional exam helped me to pass the exam with a very good pass mark unlike previous exams which I only just managed to pass. I now can progress onto the oral exams and hopefully achieve my goal of a level 6 qualification on the NQF..."
  4.   C. Sloan - A Learning Disability Nurse Specialist
      C. Sloan - A Learning Disability Nurse Specialist
    "...Ana is fantastic she put me at ease, as a professional I was very nervous about going for this assessment and Ana was fantastic and very understanding..."

You are...

an employee or an employer

looking for more information

in education

The learner:
  • Struggling to pass exams and tests.
  • Needing 1-2-1 support.
  • You would like to understand how to help and support  your child.
  • Need to differentate  lessons to cater for your dyslexic students.
  • Want to understand your dyslexic learners better.
  • Needing affordable, bespoke CPD, for teachers and teaching assistants.
  • Embarrassed about your spelling.
  • Feel disorganised - but you can do the job!
  • Cannot read fast enough.
  • Get stressed when needing to speak at meetings.
  • Need advice on 'Reasonable Adjustments'.
Manager / Employer:
  • You want to support team members, but don't know how.
  • You want to understand their challenges better.
  • You are aware of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 2010 and wish to follow the guidelines.
  • You want to improve productivity and retain staff.
Need more information on dyslexia / dyspraxia?
We regularly update our blog with the latest information on dyslexia / dyspraxia related news.
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We provide a range of services including...
  • Assessments for both children and adults.
  • Advice to parents.
  • CPD for teachers and teaching staff.
  • One to one non-medical support for study skills (NMH - DSA).
  • Adivice on dyslexia/dyspraxia to managers. 
  • One to one support in the workplace, implementing coping strategies.
  • Putting you in-touch with other professionals and organisations.
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