Our Services
Assessment and advice for students and adults with Specific Learning difficulties - including NMH support (please click  link for    rates)
Continuing Professional Development for teaching and support staff in awareness and understanding  of dyslexia  and dyspraxia.

Teacher Training in Reading and Spelling skills and strategies for implementation in the classroom.

Our goal is to help an adult or a child with the challenges of Dyslexia and Dyspraxia in the Real World.
And to support teachers and support staff in the recognition of Specific Learning Difficulties and giving them the strategies needed to build confidence in their teaching. 
Below are some of the services we provide, if you have any specific question or requests, please use the contact form and get in touch with us!
We also have a blog section , where we regularly write about recent discussions relating to Specific Learning Difficulties in the wider context.

Professional Development

 Dyslexia Assessments 

1-2-1 tutoring & workplace support

CPD for teachers and support staff. This can be on the awarenss of dyslexia and dyspraxia in the classroom and strategies to work with students.​ 

CPD specifically focussed on Reading & Spelling programs - supporting students in the classroom.

ALS advisers support managers and senior team leaders in understanding the needs of dyslexic employees, giving guidance for Reasonable Adjustments.

Assessements for Secondary School Exams e.g. G.C.S.E. and A Level  (Form 8)
ALS provides DSA assessments for Higher Education.

Adult dyslexia assessments in the workplace

We provide 1-2-1 literacy support for students at primary, secondary, F.E and H.E. 
Support includes improvement in spelling, reading, writing strategies and study skills.

 Interventions for dyslexic workers - enabling dyslexic employees to appreciate their skills and put in place support where needed.

We provide one-to-one specialised support for those with NMH allowance. Click here for details.
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...It is estimated that 10% of the U.K. population are affected by dyslexia...

...It is estimated that 10% of the U.K. population are affected by dyslexia...